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Fresh Paint Ace Justin


Justin started painting right after completing his degree in Computer Science —his dad wondered if the four years’ tuition had been entirely necessary— and moving to Vancouver.

While building a small painting business he maintained his enthusiasm for new technologies and saw an opportunity to vastly improve the home painting process for both homeowners and local pro painters.

He spends his time perfecting Fresh Paint, playing with his kids, and trying to figure out who keeps stealing his limited edition acorns.

Fresh Paint Ace


Oliver grew up in a small town in England called London! From a young age, he was interested in art and design and in his spare time, he could be found himself sketching out designs he wished existed, or modifying his model cars. After studying Graphic Design and Automotive Engineering, he moved to Vancouver Canada and found that finding work in those professions was rather scarce. While he was looking for work, a friend offered him job as a painter. Oliver took the job thinking that it would be something temporary while he looked for something else. He soon discovered that he actually enjoyed the painting profession as it fulfilled his desire for attention to detail and creativity. Fast forward 17 years and he is still in the industry.

He is known by his clientele as being professional, honest and a perfectionist. He is skilled in standard painting techniques and various spray techniques and has had extensive commercial and residential job experience. Some of his contracts included Starbucks, McDonalds, Mark’s Workwear World, Cactus Club and Banana Republic.

In his spare time, you can find Oliver modifying full sized cars or watching his other love, motor racing. What he really enjoys doing is travelling with his wife, exploring new places and cultures.

Fresh Paint Ace Morgan


Growing up in a house of artists, Morgan’s painter father always claimed he would support him in any profession he chose, unless he became a painter, as “there is no money to be made in the art world while still alive”.

So in true rebellious form he both respected and ignored his father’s wishes by becoming a house painter, the perfect loophole.

He has had the brush to the wall professionally in some form or another since 2009 initially as a way to support his academic education. Over the years Morgan has turned painting to his vocation, working from all sides of the industry, drawing on his artistic roots while working on custom colour matches as a paint store employee, to coordinating crews of painters to see projects through form start to finish as a project manager, with his main goal always set on customer satisfaction.

Morgan’s ambition is to always be learning and growing, therefore his passion is to collaborate with home owners in bringing their vision of a newly painted home to fruition, doing his part to bring artistry to residential painting.

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Thousands of trees are planted every year due to squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts

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Sheena Johnson

We had an outstanding experience with the Fresh Paint team. They were super patient with us when a few dates changed, and enthusiastically helped us incorporate some eccentric colour into our space. The team was very polite, respectful and appreciative of the project, which obviously is wonderful. Would highly recommend them to anyone and we will certainly use them again the next time we freshen up our space. Thank you so much!!

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