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Three Simple Tricks To Love Your Home Office

The ongoing pandemic has made the home office an essential space in everyone’s home. With quarantines, and reduced time outside of your house – or at the coffee shop-  we all need a place that we can get stuff done!  With less time out of your home, but the same amount of work hours in… read more

Looking to sell your house this fall? Here’s where to spend your money

Home Interior Painting

Whether you’re looking to put your house on the market soon, you just bought your home, or you’re simply ready to start making some changes, home updates can be extremely exciting for homeowners. You finally get the chance to have that deck installed, redo your master bathroom, or change out some old appliances. No matter… read more

5 Low-Cost Ways to Transform the Exterior of Your House (without leaving it)

5 low cost ways to transform the exterior of your house

Like most people in Vancouver ( and around the world), you’re probably scrambling to figure out how to deal with Coronavirus right now. While self-isolation and self-quarantine can seem very scary, for many people it simply means staying at home, and doing as much work as possible before the kids distract you for the umpteenth… read more

Antimicrobial paint: a game-changer for your business and at home

Looking around Vancouver these days you can see most businesses are closed while we deal with an unprecedented epidemic. While gathering in groups or public spaces is not recommended, it is a good opportunity to freshen up your business interior, and protect it – and your clients and staff – at the same time. Did… read more

Why Choose Fresh Paint?

Fresh Paint was created as a way to get a great painter at a great price, when needed, without having to shop around yourself. We take out the legwork, so you don’t have to waste time tracking down contractors to provide quotes so you can get the job started sooner . Our cutting edge Instant Estimate… read more

5 Reasons to Hire Painters

Welcome back to our blog page! At Fresh Paint on Demand in Vancouver, we’re constantly working to make sure that our faithful customers are taken care of. We assist people who need to repaint the entire exterior of their homes, we lend a hand to business owners who want to revamp their offices, and we… read more

How to Choose a Paint Contractor

Fresh Paint on Demand is Vancouver’s best source for painting quotes! We’ve got the prices, policies, and procedures from the best local contractors and we’re ready to help you with your painting project. No matter what kind of painting you need to be completed, we’re here to step in and do the work so that… read more

What You Can Expect From a Great Paint Contractor

What You Can Expect From a Great Paint Contractor

Getting you multiple quotes from qualified, professional, and experienced painters isn’t just something that we do, it’s the work that we take pride in. When it’s time for you to hire professional contractors to paint your Vancouver home or business, the process can be completely overwhelming if you’re trying to find a great contractor on… read more

10 Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew, Pt 2

Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew Pt

Welcome back to our blog series here at Fresh Paint on Demand in Vancouver. In part one, we discussed the first three concepts that your paint contractor wishes you knew. We learned that it’s so incredibly valuable to read reviews, get recommendations, and check out testimonials for any paint contractor. We also discussed the value… read more

10 Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew, Pt 1

Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew Pt

Welcome back to our blog page here at Vancouver’s best answer for quality paint contractors: Fresh Paint on Demand! We take our job so seriously that we can guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. No matter what kind of paint job you’re needing, let Fresh Paint on Demand do the hard work for you by finding great… read more