Painting versus Flooring – What comes first?


Painting and flooring are two of the most common renovations done by new homeowners. Floors and walls are both prone to damage and wear over time. As a result, many new homeowners want new floors and a fresh coat of paint before they move in.

One of the most common questions Fresh Paint is asked is: “Should I paint, or replace the floors first?” The honest professional answer is that “it depends”. 

We wanted to share our best practices, as well as how to spot a good contractor that will make it easy.


Flooring first:

Flooring installation means a lot of physical labor happening next to your walls. This opens the door for minor damage to occur. This damage really stands out on a brand new paint job.

Baseboards are another reason to consider doing flooring first. New flooring is usually not exactly the same height as old flooring. If the baseboard height has changed, an unpainted line is often left behind. This requires patching and painting. As well, the newly installed baseboards will need to be patched and caulked to the wall, which is always best done prior to the final painting.

Caulking/filling baseboards and resolving minor damage is simple for any painter, adding a very minimal cost to a painting project. However, if you choose to paint first, another visit may be required to resolve these issues. This increases the cost and can delay your move-in schedule.


Painting first: 

There are also benefits to painting first. Painters always have to protect the floor when painting, except when your flooring is being replaced. 

Most painting projects include substantial prep time to ensure paint only gets where it’s supposed to go. This means lots of time masking areas off and setting up drop cloths.  

Careful protection of floors can add significant time to a painting project. By painting the majority of your project first, your painting quote could be up to 15% lower.

As mentioned above, however, painting first doesn’t solve all the problems either. 


How a good contractor can make it easy:

A good contractor will spend some time making sure they’re aware of your complete vision for your home. 

When it comes to flooring and painting, Fresh Paint always makes it as easy as possible. Here’s how:

Step 1: Fresh Paint completes ceiling painting, doors, and frame painting as well as the first coat of paint on all walls

Step 2: Flooring installation, baseboard installation

Step 3: Painting of all newly installed baseboards. Final walkthrough with any nicks/scrapes repaired and painted. The final coat of paint on walls.

This 3 step process ensures your contractors are working efficiently. This reduces costs and can speed up move-in schedules reducing other costs as well.

Are you ready to make your renovations easy? Start with a free instant estimate today!