5 Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

Do-it-yourself painting is best suited for homeowners who are interested in learning the craft of painting and spending significant time on home improvement. Even on a smaller project, It’s not always easier or even less expensive to do the work yourself!

Here are 5 quick reasons why it makes sense to hire professional painters.

Professional Painters Save time

Professional painters will complete the work much faster than a DIY painter can. Up to 5x quicker with better quality work. Ongoing painting projects are usually not a great fit for busy homes, especially when children or pets are involved. Hiring the pros will have you loving your space much quicker!

Painting Pros Can Save You Money

In many cases a professional painting solution can have an all-in cost lower than a DIY job. For example certain brushes and rollers work best with specific types of paint. With the wrong match, you’ll end up needing extra coats of paint. This drastically increases material costs.

Some hardware stores may also be more interested in selling you a specific product (or more of it) rather than what you actually need to complete the work!

A Painting Contractor Will Get the Details Right

A good painting project is all about the details. For instance, exterior jobs require expert preparation. Knowing when to scrape off paint, what needs priming and what type of paint to apply all require specific expertise. On interior projects, clean cut lines around ceilings and corners are often difficult for the DIY painter to achieve.  

Time and patience is not always an appropriate substitute for technical skills. Pros will get it right the first time and give you a space you really love. 

A Professional Painting Company Will Guarantee Quality Work

This one is simple. Any professional painter worth hiring should provide a comprehensive warranty of at least one year if not longer. 

A guarantee of proper workmanship means no stress over errors or deficiencies. More importantly, a company that guarantees their work is likely to get the job done right the first time.  

Safety first!

There can be significant safety concerns when taking on a painting project. Personal safety can be at risk when painting at higher areas on a ladder (especially say the top of a staircase or on a rooftop). 

The ceilings of many older homes can have asbestos in the texture. Asbestos is hard to detect without proper tools and can be very dangerous. Certain types of paint fumes can be much more toxic than others and may require different safety measures. 

Any reputable professional should have the appropriate insurance to work in your home. It is good practice to ask for copies of insurance documents when hiring a contractor. 

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