What does a good painting quote look like?

The painting industry doesn’t have a typical “standard quote”. As a result, homeowners may not be sure what to look for in a quote, or how to properly compare one quote to another.

Knowing what to look for is a crucial part of choosing the best contractor for your project. Here are our quick tips to help make sure your painting quote is complete and will lead to a stress-free project:

1. What’s being painted?  Complete and thorough

The first step is to make sure you’re on the same page as your contractor, and the quote should make that clear. 

Exterior projects can have a variety of surfaces. Many homes have intricate fascia, and various surfaces like wood, stucco, and brick. Other details like detached sheds, gutters and downspouts are also important to consider. Make sure everything you want done is priced, and that you aren’t paying for work you don’t want done! 

Interior projects have even more variables. Painting of baseboards, ceilings, doors and the insides of closets can have a big impact on your quote. It is important to make sure you’re on the same page as your contractor. 

If the scope of the quote is unclear that can lead to extra costs, or the inability of the contractor to complete the work timely.

2. What sorts of materials will be used?  Are they included in the price? 

Paint comes at many different price points and many different qualities. Paint can range from $30-$90 a gallon- quite the difference! 

This is wht a professional paint quote should look like.Projects painted with substandard products are much more likely to need repainting sooner. Also, some companies may not be upfront about paint costs, leading to extra charges at the end of the job.  

Best practice is to ensure all materials are included in your formal quote- there is no reason for uncertainty. 

3. When will the job start?  How long will it take?

Any quote should include a start date, and a job duration. Duration may vary on larger projects, but you should have a good idea of when your project will be complete. 

One of the worst (and unfortunately common) complaints about painters is having a job start, then moving on to a new job before finishing the work. A good quote should include a guarantee of a dedicated crew to stay on the job site from start to finish.

4. How much will it cost?  What are potential extra costs?

Beware of the hourly painter!  An hourly charge means uncertainty about the cost of your project. This can create a “worst case scenario” where a project’s duration drags on and it costs extra. 

A professional contractor should not incur extra charges on most projects. In the case of extras (like unforeseen damages or an extra coat of paint) pricing should be honest, upfront, and whenever possible, optional. And remember just because someone has given you a quote, doesn’t mean you are obliged to go with their company. Shopping around ensures you get the best price, and can find the best service and warranties possible.

Fresh Paint is here to help!

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