What colour should I paint the exterior of my home?

Choosing a paint colour can be a stressful task. Exterior painting can easily last 15-20 years. It’s going to be around for a long time and many homeowners are nervous about making the wrong choice.

Fresh Paint is here to make it easy! We wanted to share 5 considerations for homeowners considering an exterior repaint. 

5 things to consider when choosing the best colour for the exterior of your home

1. Classic colours or a modern look?

A typical exterior repainting project is going to include three major colours:

  1. A “field colour” (the main colour of the siding of your home)
  2. An accent colour (for doors, shutters, etc)
  3. A trim colour (for windows, door and roof edging, and other trim)

In a more classic repainting project, the trim colour is usually something that is a stark contrast to the field colour. For example, if the main colour is darker, white trim is a very common choice. Here’s an example:

Dark colourIn the last several years some designers have been using more of a monochromatic look that can feel a little more modern, like this:

Modern look Having a good understanding of the general look you want your home to have will help guide all other colour selection questions. 

2. Consider your roof, driveway, stonework and other permanent fixtures

Exterior painting can be of great value and really change the look of your home- but it doesn’t change everything! When choosing a colour it is good practice to consider the “permanent” fixtures of your home like roofing, walkways etc. 

Choose colours that you think will bring harmony between all these elements of your home’s exterior. For instance, consider the wide variety of roof shingle colours available:

Roof shingle coloursThe colours of your home’s roof and driveway can be great starting points when looking for exterior painting colour inspiration. 

3. Consider your home style and structure, surfaces and surroundings

Is your home’s style and structure old fashioned, mid-age or a Vancouver special? You should consider a colour scheme that is suitable for your home’s style and structure. 

Exterior painting of a home also potentially affects the whole neighbourhood. For example, bright bold colours look great in San Francisco’s famous “Painted Ladies” Victorian homes. Even if you absolutely love this look, it may not be a good fit for a Vancouver neighbourhood, unless you want to really stand out. 

Bold colours4. Use your gut and test your choices

Once you’ve considered the style of your home and have a general idea of the look you want, it’s time to start choosing some colours! 

The best way to ensure that you’re happy with the final result is to use a variety of methods when choosing your best colour. Drive around and look at homes that you like, do research about what’s popular and get sample paint swatches. 

If you’re able to get some sample paint and paint a small section, that’s even better! If you’re able to do this, make sure to inspect the new colour in different lighting/weather to check that your choice looks good throughout the day. 

5. Use professional resources and ask lots of questions

Using a tool like Sherwin-Williams colour visualizer is a great way to see what a given colour will look like on your home. 

Your painting contractor should also be able to provide you with some general guidance on colours and should function as a partner in helping you make the right decision for your home. 

Finally, many homeowners are unaware of how reasonably priced a professional colour consultation can be. For an exterior project of average size home, a professional consultation could cost $300 or less; for work that you’ll be looking at daily for 15-20 years, it’s good value! 

Fresh Paint is here to make your exterior colour choice easy. Our seasoned estimators come prepared with colour samples and are always happy to make suggestions. We work closely with professional consultants and can make the process seamless. Book a free estimate today, and get the process started!