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Painting Quotes Vancouver

Trying to tackle a big paint job at your home or office can be overwhelming, and the hunt for the right paint contractor can leave you feeling exhausted and stressed. Why not let us do the hard work for you? Fresh Paint on Demand is Vancouver’s go-to company for painting quotes. We’ll meet with you, assess the job you need to be done, and get you bids for qualified, trustworthy, and professional contractors in your area. Save yourself the stress and aggravation of having to search through endless reviews and testimonials because we only choose the best and most knowledgeable professionals to suggest to you. As our customer, your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Painting versus Flooring – What comes first?

  Painting and flooring are two of the most common renovations done by new homeowners. Floors and walls are both prone to damage and wear over time. As a result, many new homeowners want new floors and a fresh coat of paint before they move in. One of the most common questions Fresh Paint is… read more

5 questions to ask your paint contractor

Fresh Paint Ace helping with interior paint job

  At Fresh Paint, our goal is to make the painting process as easy as possible. We’re asked to come to resolve deficiencies and inadequate work on a regular basis. We wanted to share our best practices to help homeowners get the job done right the first time. Whether you’re painting a small room or… read more

5 Reasons to Hire Painters

Welcome back to our blog page! At Fresh Paint on Demand in Vancouver, we’re constantly working to make sure that our faithful customers are taken care of. We assist people who need to repaint the entire exterior of their homes, we lend a hand to business owners who want to revamp their offices, and we… read more

How to choose a paint contractor?

Fresh Paint Interior Painting

How to Choose a Paint Contractor Fresh Paint on Demand is Vancouver’s best source for painting quotes! We’ve got the best prices, policies, and procedures from the best local contractors and we’re ready to help you complete your painting project in the easiest way possible. No matter what kind of painting you need to be… read more

10 Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew, Pt 1

Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew Pt

Welcome back to our blog page here at Vancouver’s best answer for quality paint contractors: Fresh Paint on Demand! We take our job so seriously that we can guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. No matter what kind of paint job you’re needing, let Fresh Paint on Demand do the hard work for you by finding great… read more

Painting For Resale, Pt 2

BB FreshPaint Resell

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our blogs here at Fresh Paint on Demand. Serving the Vancouver area is what we do and customer service is our biggest priority! Whether you’re needing interior or exterior painting, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get the painting quotes you need! In part one of our… read more

What Sets A Good Contractor Apart From A Bad One?

What Sets A Good Contractor Apart From A Bad One

You’ve finally done it. You’ve decided that it’s time to do a revamp of your home’s paint job. This is a really exciting time for you because you’re about to change up your home’s whole aesthetic and that means that you can have that “new home feeling”every time you walk through the front door. Your… read more

The Effects of Your Color Choices, Pt 2

BB FreshPaint Effects

Welcome back to our blog series here at Fresh Paint on Demand. We’ve been so excited to get back to our discussion on some of the best ways to use color to your advantage when painting your Vancouver home. As we discussed in part one, the use of lighter colors can actually make a smaller… read more