The Best Home Colors of 2018


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Deciding that you’re going to take on a home painting project can be extremely stressful. The process of prepping your home and walls and finding the perfect paint contractor could easily stress you out if you let it, and all of that takes place after you’ve decided on colors. Choosing the right color for your home can almost feel overwhelming; you have to find a shade that is the right hue, color tint, and with the light-reflecting potential needed depending on what your ultimate desire for your color scheme is. But even though this might seem like a lot of information to balance, trying to keep all of this in mind doesn’t have to exhaust you. In today’s blog, we’re going to give you the rundown on the colors of 2018: what’s hot, what’s not, and what to think about for your home’s new look!

Black is the New Black

  • Black – We know what you’re thinking: black walls? But give us a chance to explain. Though black can be an incredibly tricky color to use for multiple reasons; it can make a room feel stuffy, small, and depressing. But when black is used in the right way, it can be the perfect classy and sophisticated addition to your room. The key to remember when working with black is less is more. Consider a black accent wall in a well-lit dining room or bathroom; you’ll love the effect and your space won’t feel dark and depressing.
  • Deep Onyx – A great way to use blackish shades without delving into midnight black is to opt for a deep onyx. This tone will give you the look of a well-polished room without eliminating your open feel. Though deep onyx won’t be quite as overwhelming as the blackest black, it should still be used sparingly and balanced with the right decor. Use light-colored, natural wood furniture, or brass-colored decor to counterbalance your onyx walls.

Berries, Berries, Everywhere

  • Cranberry Red – This season, one of the most popular color schemes is taking the idea of berries, and implementing it into your decor. Cranberry red is vibrant, while still being classy. If you adopt this shade for your dining room or kitchen, you’ll absolutely love the effects. This color goes so well with almost any tones, but consider matching it up with tans and various shades of beige and cream.
  • Blueberry Purple – We are seeing that in 2018, purple shades are adorning the walls of more and more homes. The best thing about shades of purple right now is that it provides the ability to have class and sophistication while you’re also balancing warmth and character. If you’re wanting to breathe fresh life into your walls, consider adopting violet, lavender, lilac, or deep purple. You won’t be sorry.
  • Deep Pomegranate – We know that walls that have shades of red and burgundy make people feel happy, joyful, and even more confident. We’ve found that the deeper shades of red add some true beauty and elegance to a living room or dining room. If you’re wanting a fun color that doesn’t feel like it will steal your home’s show, feel free to go for a deep pomegranate.

All the Colors of the Ocean

  • Deep Ocean Blue/Green – If your home has a farmhouse style, a beach or sailing theme, or has another kind of rustic feel, this shade of the ocean might be the perfect addition to your space. If you’re opting for this color as an accent wall, pair it with a nice, neutral tan color, and if this will be a dominant color in a certain room, pair it with light wood furniture.
  • Dark Mint – Don’t you love walking into a room and feeling immediately at home and comfortable? Studies have shown that when people are confronted with shades that remind them of the ocean, they naturally have feelings of comfort and peace. This shade is a great idea for a study’s accent wall or a spare bedroom. Use it in abundance or sparingly and you’ll love your life.

Deciding on the right colors for your home is an important first step but with our help, hopefully, now you’ll have the confidence and know-how to actually make those color choices. Remember to choose a color that you love, that your family can live with, and that makes sense for your home.

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