Why Choose Fresh Paint?

Fresh Paint was created as a way to get a great painter at a great price, when needed, without having to shop around yourself. We take out the legwork, so you don’t have to waste time tracking down contractors to provide quotes so you can get the job started sooner . Our cutting edge Instant Estimate platform gives you the best local quote in only 30 seconds!

What else can you do in 30 seconds?

Not much. Not even make a cup of coffee. Most people with contact three different contractors per job. That could represent up to three HOURS on the phone or at homel waiting for quotes to show up.

We’ve streamlined this process for you.

Fresh Paint is not a painting company…

…we are a one stop paint shop that gets you the best professional painters for the job, provides the paint, consults on colours, and anything else you need, all while saving you time and money.

Whether you need your dining room repainted, a fresh coat of paint at your office, or your home’s exterior renewed, Fresh Paint will give you the help that you need to find the perfect contractor for your paint project.

Fresh Paint on Demand works only with certified Local Pros that we’ve screened and approved

Finding the right Vancouver painters can be an extremely time-consuming process. Without the help from Fresh Paint, you’ll be needing to sift through dozens of local paint contractors and house painting prices in an effort to find the one that meets your budget expectations, work needs, timeframe, and hopes for quality.

Through the internet we all have the benefit of being able to access hundreds of business’ details, prices, policies, and reviews, but how can you possibly read every single one? That’s where Fresh Paint steps in. We’ve already vetted the contractors that we hire for your job. We’ve read through their fine print, and we know they are worth your time and money. We take hours of guesswork, and turn it into 30 seconds of certainty.

Take the stress out of your next renovation 

If searching through hundreds of painters was the only thing you had to do, it would still be a stressful thing to tackle, but that is far from the only thing on your plate. We all  have busy work schedules, evening activities, soccer games to attend, errands to run, household chores to keep up on, groceries to buy, and so much more!

When you choose to work with Fresh Paint  you’re choosing to avoid stress and relax through the simple process of watching your home start to look like new. When we say that we do the work for you, we mean it. You can relax knowing you got the best price, from the best people available on YOUR timing.

We know the best local Vancouver contractors

When you’re looking for the right painting company to tackle your home project, office revamp, or exterior paint job, as we’ve stated above, the process can feel overwhelming. Fresh Paint makes it all EASY: get an instant estimate based on market prices and let us know when you’d like to start… we’ll take it from there!

We work with  many different Vancouver painters, and we’ve got an excellent database of contractors that is perfect for our processes. We’re more than equipped to select the best fit for you, and guarantee you’ll be delighted with your project

When you need to hire painters, contact us

Whether you’re neck deep in a whole house remodel and you want paint contractors to step in, you’re interested in a revamp of your business with a fresh coat of paint, or you’re looking to paint the entire exterior of your home, Fresh Paint would love to assist you! Instead of taking the bulk of this burden on yourself and trying to find the perfect painting company on your own, let Fresh Paint help you out!

If you’re searching for the solution to your painting project, contact the experts at Fresh Paint. We are Vancouver’s source for excellent paint contractors and we’d love to work with you!