Painting Quotes: The More, the Merrier

Welcome back to our blog here at Fresh Paint on Demand. Since getting you connected with the right painting contractor is what we do, we tend to meet a lot of people in the paint industry. Here in Vancouver, it’s still extremely cold and thus, we’ve noticed that most contractors put their outdoor painting projects on hold until we start to feel warmer days. Outdoor painting in cold weather is not practical and even dangerous. However, our contractors are still staying plenty busy with indoor projects of all kinds.

People are having their dining rooms painted, renovators are tearing out wallpaper and having it replaced with gorgeous, trendy tones, and business are opting for fresh colors in their foyers. Painting is something that happens year round, and we really couldn’t be more thrilled about that. Since we are all about collecting data and putting lists of contractors together for our customers, we know the importance of getting multiple quotes for any contractor, but especially one that is going to be making such significant and visible changes to your home or business. In today’s blog, we’re going to explore the important reasons for getting multiple quotes for a job that you need contracted out.

Price Differences

This, of course, is the most obvious reason to get multiple bids for your project. Let’s imagine for a moment that you contact a contractor, get a number from them, and instead of comparing their price to similar contractors, you simply choose to hire them. And little did you realize, they were overbidding you by hundreds of dollars. Believe it or not, this same thing happens to people all of the time. The biggest reason for this failure in due diligence is that people are really busy and know that it takes work to compile a list of contractors and prices. So, many people just find a contractor that looks decent and attempt to save time by going with them right off the bat.

  • Why choose us? We do the research and hard work for you so that when you’re ready to hire a contractor, you can simply compare prices and choose from our list of trusted contractors.

Differences in Quality

Let’s say that you do a little bit of shopping around for contractors prices that are in your range because you know your budget and you don’t want to go even one dollar over it. Going with the very cheapest contractor, especially if they are way cheaper then their closest competitors might be a red flag for the quality of their work. Hiring the cheapest contractor could result in getting a result that you’re not at all satisfied with, including smears, smudges, paint on ceilings and floors, and more.

  • Why choose us? Since we’ve already vetted the list of contractors that we give you when you start working with us, we know the quality of their work and we can vouch for them. Again, we do the hard work for you.

Risks and Fine Print

Because each company has its own policies and procedures, it can be risky to hire a contractor without reading the fine print and possible warranty information. What if you detested the paint job that was done on your home or office, but since the company you hired doesn’t have a satisfaction guarantee, you’re unfortunately stuck with a room that you can’t stand being in. It can definitely be time-consuming to read all of the fine print of a company or contractor.

  • Why choose us? Since we work very closely with all of our contractors, we are quite familiar with their policies and procedures. We can walk you through what each company can guarantee. Long story, short: we will make sure that you’re satisfied.

Go With The Professionals

If you’re looking for a painting contractor or you’re wanting quotes for Vancouver painters, we are your first call to make. We do all of the work for you so that you can simply choose a contractor that meets your expectations with price, work quality, and fine print. Make sure you contact us now at Fresh Paint on Demand so that we can get started going to work for you! Call today or visit our website!