Top 10 Best Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover, Pt 2

Hopefully, all of us can see the value in updating our homes. It adds beauty to our space, adds value to our property, and adds culture to our daily lives. In part one of this blog series, we discussed a few great ideas for home updates. Some of the improvements that came up in part one include:

  • Kitchen Remodel/Bathroom Remodel

  • Floor Replacement or Refresh

  • Basement Finish

  • HVAC/Furnace/Water Heater Replacement

Though these improvements and updates are a great place to start, they are, by no means, the only options for home makeovers. There are a slew of ways to make your home more valuable and updated. You might be looking to update your home before putting it on the market, or perhaps you’re just wanting to modernize your space. Either way, in this blog series, you’ll get some good ideas for what you want to start on first.

 Updating the Appliances

Most people don’t realize the value that can be added to a home by modernizing the appliances. Modern appliances are very desirable improvements because they change the look, function, and economy of your kitchen. If you’re looking to soon sell your home, remember that buyers will be much more attracted to a kitchen with modern or new appliances. It is one of the fastest and most immediate improvements that you can make to your kitchen.

In addition to all of these perks, getting new appliances might actually lower the cost of your monthly utilities because most new appliances will be more energy efficient. Overall, you won’t regret switching out that old fridge for a high-efficiency model that has all of the bells and whistles.

Building an Addition

This goes along the same lines as finishing your basement, however, it differs from a basement finish in that you’re actually generating square footage for your home out of nowhere. Your addition can look completely different depending on the space for it, your house’s needs, your family’s growth, or your vision for resale. Some additions include one simple room, other’s look like an entire wing. You really do have to decide if building on is practical and valuable for your home situation.

Improving the Landscaping

One way to immediately increase your home’s curb appeal is improve the landscaping on your property. This can be as simple as adding a few flower bushes or as complex as hiring a landscaping team to completely revamp your yard. Whatever landscaping choices you make, there are a few things to keep in mind.

If you’re looking to put your home on the market in the near future, remember that your elaborate landscaping updates might be too much for the new buyer. They might be turned off to buying your home if they know that they immaculate garden would soon become an eyesore. Make sure that any improvements that you make to your yard are able to be kept up by the new buyer.

Additionally, if you’re looking at doing some planting, consider planting a tree or two. Trees are a great investment to make when trying to do some yard renovations. Trees will help increase your property value and could even start to pull their weight by producing shade and helping with cooling costs in the summer months. Overall, there are some amazing improvements in the world of landscaping.

Building a Deck, Gazebo, or Pergola

Along the same lines as the landscaping improvements, building a deck, gazebo, or pergola in your backyard is a wonderful way to create an inviting and peaceful outdoor retreat. A comfortable and attractive outside area is an ideal place for you to have a glass of wine after dinner, watch the sunrise with your sweetheart, or sit to watch the kids play in the fresh evening air. Adding these warm and pleasant additions will increase the value of your home and will make your more comfortable in your house, make your house more appealing to buyers, or both. There are tons of options for creating your perfect backyard getaway.

Replacing the Light Fixtures

A great way to revamp your space with some modernizations is to replace the light fixtures with updated and trendy ones. Getting rid of those old, generic, and outdated fixtures can completely change the look and feel of a room. If you’re looking for a more rustic approach, there are tons of options for you to compliment your farmhouse, shabby chic, or industrial rustic style. If you’re wanting a cleaner, more modern look, you also have lots of great ideas at your disposal. Do some shopping around and have fun!

Interior or Exterior Painting

Having your home painted is perhaps, one of the most significant changes you can make to your property. If you’re looking to add more character to your home, modernize the tone of your space, or surprise your child with a specialized room made just for them, painting is a great way to go.

If your paint is more than five or ten years old, chances are, it is getting old and outdated. As the trends change, your paint can start to look dated. Colors or wallpapers that might have been the height of stylish in home decorating ten years ago, might look like a huge lapse in judgment today. Having the paint in your home updated is a fantastic way to modernize.

We may not all feel the same way about home remodels and improvements. Some of us may value certain updates that others do no. But however you feel about specifics with your home makeover, I think that we can all agree on one fact: there are definitely ways to increase the value of your home. We always encourage everyone to go for the improvements that are best for your home and family.

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