What you can expect from a great paint contractor


Getting you multiple quotes from qualified, professional, and experienced painters isn’t just something that we do, it’s work that we take pride in. When it’s time for you to hire professional contractors to paint your Vancouver home or business, the process can be completely overwhelming if you’re trying to find a great contractor on your own. 

Painting contractors are a dime a dozen and it may seem impossible to weed out the good ones from everyone else. When you work with Fresh Paint, you let us do the work for you. We choose from our vetted, experienced, and insured contractors to paint your project, based on your individual needs. Instead of stressing yourself out reading reviews and testimonials, and trying to read all of the fine print, why not trust us with the grunt work? Contact us today or visit our website for a free estimate!

If you’re rather new to the idea of hiring a paint contractor, you might not be familiar with what you should be able to expect from your painters and the job that they do for you. If you’re a new homeowner or you normally DIY, you might not know what you can expect from every Vancouver house painter that we give you prices for. 

In today’s blog, we’re going to look at some of the qualities, expectations, and offerings that you can assume about your painting contractor.

Colour consulting and expertise

A great painting company will have options for you to get colour consultations and recommendations based on the look you’re looking to achieve. Fresh Paint offers free colour consultations as well as professional consulting from our colour and paint supplier partners.


No matter which Vancouver contractor you ultimately decide to hire, you can rest assured that Fresh Paint is only giving you prices for paint contractors who have the skills that meet our high-quality standards. Professional painters have had extensive training, teaching, and experience to give them superb skills. When you hire a professional, you need to know that their skills match the price tag, and you can trust us when we say that all of our painters meet that description.


When you hire a painter in Vancouver from our list of house painting quotes, you’re not getting a first-time-painter who is trying to get his name out there, you’re getting experienced professionals who have been vetted as trusted and qualified. Trust that the contractors we find you have extensive experience working with all kinds of paint, surfaces, practices, and conditions and that they’ll leave you with a result that you’re more than satisfied with.

Surface preparation

When you work with a pro painter, you can count on the fact that they’re properly preparing the painting surface in every way that they’re supposed to. Proper preparation is incredibly important because the paint will hold as well as it sticks to the surface, a clean and sound surface is required for the most longevity and best aesthetic. If you put paint up on a wall that has visible cracks, holes, or rough surfaces, the final result will be less than perfect. Proper preparation may look like cleaning, sanding, or filling holes in your wall and it’s a step that mustn’t be skipped.

Quality materials

You can absolutely expect that your professional painter will have the best tools and the right kind of paint for your paint job. Since the variety of paint needed for each job will be different, you need to be able to trust that your painter has the right kind of paint for your individual needs. Exterior paint needs special paint, homes with children and pets might dictate the color, texture, or sheen in the paint used.


One of the biggest differences between the work of professional painters and the job performed by amateurs or novices is that professionals are incredibly efficient. Pro painters have the experience and expertise to get your job done faster than you could imagine. If time is money and you’d rather pay for efficiency, trust the fact that your Vancouver paint contractor is going to be pretty quick.

Cleanup and site protection

If you’ve ever tackled your own paint job or you’ve hired a friend of a friend because they were the cheapest option, you might be familiar with the frustration of being left with a mess to clean up. Professional painters not only leave you with a paint job that is excellent and a customer service experience that is stellar, but they also will take care of all of the cleanups. You don’t have to worry about drops of paint on the floor or paint spills on the walkway; professionals always leave your home as clean as when they arrived.


One thing that you can expect from a professional painter is that their work comes with guaranteed satisfaction. A professional differs from an amateur in what they can guarantee to their customers; pro painters can confidently stand behind their work and rely heavily on reviews from satisfied customers.

Hiring painting contractors can be an overwhelming process if you let it be, especially if you haven’t had much experience with painters. However, there are plenty of things that you can absolutely expect from any professional painter worth his salt.

Work with the experts

When you know what to look for in a professional painting contractor, it can make the process of hiring painters so much easier. That’s why Fresh Paint is the best route that you can go when you need home or commercial painting. Fresh Paint on Demand first finds Vancouver’s best, most highly reviewed, experienced painting contractors, we then compile a list of bids to give you great options for your project. If you’re wanting house painting prices in Vancouver, contact the experts at Fresh Paint on Demand!