The Importance of Quality Paint

Paint Quality is Important


Hello there, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Fresh Paint, we have made it our mission, as a business, to help people in the Vancouver area find the best residential and commercial painting contractors possible. Pairing our clients with vetted painting contractors is our main focus, however, this blog is not just a platform for us to talk about the services that we provide. This blog is a place where we can share information about painting that we have learned over the years and, hopefully, educate our readers on aspects of painting that they may have never really considered. In today’s post, we are going to go over the importance of paint quality and the factors that influence the type of paint that a person may want when having their home or business painted. Continue reading below to learn more.


You Get What You Pay For


People, for the most part, are aware that premium goods come at a premium price. A Ferrari costs more than a Honda because, when you get down to it, the Ferrari is engineered to be as high-quality as possible, meaning that the components, engineering, and design that go into a Ferrari require more money than a Honda that is one of millions assembled by a factory of workers. Even though this is an extreme example, it lays the groundwork for the the point of this blog. High-quality paint, in our opinion, is worth every penny that it costs. Below, we have listed a few of the benefits that come along with investing in premium paint as opposed to budget paint.


Premium Paint Lasts Longer


The most easily identifiable perk that comes with premium paint, is the fact that it lasts longer. High-quality paint provides a smoother, more uniform coat when applied to the exterior or interior of a building. In many cases, premium paint lasts up to twice as long as paint that is of a lesser quality, a factor that should be considered by all people looking to solicit the services of a painting contractor. Even if the initial investment seems like it costs more than it should, people end up saving money in the long run because they will not need to have their home or business repainted as often. Additionally, high-quality paint requires fewer coats than budget paint, meaning that fewer cans of paint will need to be purchased in order to complete the job.


Easier To Work With


While this benefit does not apply to most people reading this blog post, considering the fact that we help people find contractors who will do the job for them, it is still worth mentioning. High-quality paint requires less application effort from the person painting, meaning that they can provide the desired results without having to spend a ton of time actually applying the paint. This not only means that the paint clings to the walls better requiring less cleanup once the job is done, it also means that the job can, typically, be completed faster than if lesser quality paint had been used. This reduces the amount of time that is needed to complete a job, resulting in lower labor costs and, even better, less time spent waiting for the job to be completed.


Less Wear and Tear


Like all things in this world, paint will degrade over time. Barring some major advancement in preservation techniques in the coming years, all paint suffers from environmental factors such as ambient temperature, weather, sunlight, and dust. Adding to this, interior paint has to put up with all sorts of other issues such as scuffs and marks from furniture, oils from human skin, and any and all stains that may make their way onto the walls. With high-quality paint, these factors have less of an effect on the look of the paint over the course of its life. Additionally, high-quality paint is easier to clean, meaning that if any stains or marks do manage to make their way onto the walls, they will come off easier than if the walls had been coated in lower quality paint.


Thank you for taking the time to read our short blog on the important role that high-quality paint has in relation to the world of contract painting. If you are in need of a painting contractor, whether for a commercial or residential job, please contact us today at Fresh Paint. We will pair you up with a painting contractor in the Vancouver area and help you get your next paint job done in a fast, professional, and affordable manner.