The Effects of Your Color Choices, Pt 2

Welcome back to our blog series here at Fresh Paint on Demand. We’ve been so excited to get back to our discussion on some of the best ways to use color to your advantage when painting your Vancouver home. As we discussed in part one, the use of lighter colors can actually make a smaller room look and feel larger. Additionally, the use of certain modern colors can instantly make your space feel trendy and fashionable. But what else can color do for your home? Well, that is where we’re going to pick things up in today’s blog!

Gone are the days of accepting that all of your walls need to be eggshell white. Is there anything wrong with this color, of course not, but if you’re not into eggshell, choose something else. You’re a homeowner; you can make that call. There is a wealth of color options available to you and with the right knowledge, you can achieve your desired color effect in your home.

To Make a Space Feel More Sophisticated

As we get older, many of us go away from needing a super trendy wall color and opt for a classier look. Wanting a room to feel sophisticated is a growing desire among homeowners. Did you know that you could pull off a sophisticated look with many different colors and styles? Colors that we often associate with the word sophisticated are often deeper tones, but can also be lighter colors. Here are some great colors to choose if you’re wanting a room to feel classy.

  • Gray – Since there are so many shades of gray available, make sure that you’ve chosen the gray with the undertone that correlates with your desired effect. Dark grays with blue undertones are extremely popular right now and when it is matched up with crisp, white trim, your room will instantly feel like a treasured space.
  • Navy Blue – As we mentioned in our last blog post, we are a huge fan of navy blue and it is a rather popular color choice, but this color is also incredibly sophisticated. If you’re considering navy blue for a room, consider adding it to a room that is already a decent size. The deeper tone might make your room feel smaller but the beauty and depth of this color makes it absolutely worth it.
  • Deep Maroon – Now, we admit, deep shades are simply not for everyone. But if you’re looking for a classic look to add elegance to your dining room or bedroom, think about this gorgeous color. This color scheme pairs well with white trim and gold accents.
  • Robin’s Egg Blue – We love the simplicity and elegance of this color. It’s grayer than baby blue, greener than sky blue, and simply perfect. Consider this color for a bedroom or bathroom and you’ll be smitten.
  • French Gray – Have you ever wondered about the name of a color that is a perfect balance between green and gray? Welcome to the wonderful world of French gray. This color is brilliant for an office space of spare bedroom. Pair this color with gorgeous dark wood furniture and fall in love with your home.
  • Light Violet – Weren’t expecting this one to make the list? Well, because of its soothing feel and calming effect, violet or violetta can be an excellent choice to make for a kitchen or bedroom. Pair this color with off-white trim and lighter furniture.

While playing with color can be fun and exciting, make sure that if you opt for a bold colored room, you take your furniture and decor into account. If your walls are bold colors and all of your decor is also bold and eye-catching, your room might not have the right cohesion and it could feel cluttered fast. Your painting expert should be able to help you figure out the best colors to choose for your sophisticated space.

To Bring About Cheerful Emotions

Most people don’t realize that there is some serious psychology behind what we feel when we look at certain colors. There are shades that evoke different emotions in us and this tool is used in advertising, business decor, and so many other areas. But what are the colors that are known to bring about feelings of joy and happiness in us? There are actually quite a few shades that make us feel happy when we look at them.

  • Blue – Shades of blue are often associated with feelings of calmness, safety, and serenity.
  • Green – Green is known to be a color that can be gazed at for longer periods of time. Additionally, green can help create feelings of joy and optimism.
  • Red – This color can give the feeling of confidence, excitement, and passion.
  • Orange – Depending on the shade, orange can make you and your family feel relaxed and ambitious.
  • Brown – Due to its earthy feel, brown shades can make us feel comforted and safe.

If the ambiance of your home is important to you and you care about possible vibes that your colors schemes could be giving off, put some thought into the psychology of color.

No matter what you’re going for, there is a color out there to meet your needs. Whether you’re going for sophisticated or cheerful, color can do amazing things for your home.

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