Should I Paint My Home Before I Move In?

Painting is one of the many things to consider when planning to move into your newly purchased home. If you want to make your purchase your own, painting is the most cost-effective and dramatic way to do this. So, to paint before or after you move in? Take a look at our professional advice for deciding the best time to paint.

Pros of painting before moving into a new home

Painting before moving is the best option if you want to quickly make your new purchase into your home, stress-free.

It’s empty

Painting before furniture moves in means you’ll only have to move the furniture once, and that’s into your home after the painting is done! You won’t need to clear any closets or remove wall hangings. There will be much less hassle and risk dealing by not having to deal with wet paint and your possessions being in the same place.

You won’t be living there when it’s painted

If you wait for painting after you are moved in, you’ll need to have somewhere to go when the painters are in your space. Of course, you can be in your home with the painter, but especially in this era of COVID and working-from-home, painting will be a nuisance if you have to share a space with a painter and social distance!

Save money on contractor costs

Because of the clear and empty walls and floors, it’s much easier for painters to maneuver and protect the surfaces that aren’t being painted. Typically, painting companies can provide a preferred price for an empty space that offers less work for them.

Paint quicker

If you have a limited period between taking possession of your home and furniture arriving, you may be reluctant to try and squeeze a painter in. But in an empty home, contractors can send more painters if needed to get your home painted in any time frame. If you wait until after you move in, the painting will take longer.

Add your personal touch and get inspired

Painting your home in your favourite colours and hues is what will make you love where you live and make your home your own. It serves as an anchor for you to coordinate new décor and furniture, narrowing down your search for the perfect design for your home.

Pros of painting after moving in

To be honest, there is really only one benefit of painting after you move in: getting to work with your style and furniture in the exact space you want painted. This  is the best option if you love your current décor and furniture and you want to design the perfect colour scheme to match. That’s because the light and colour of your new space will be different than anywhere you moved from, and light can have a profound effect on your colour scheme.

Understanding light & colour

The biggest contributor to a paint’s aesthetic is how the light fills the space and hits the painted surfaces. Once you’re completely moved in and decorated, you can purchase paint sample cans and test how the paint and colour look at different times of the day and on different areas and walls in your home.

Fresh Paint’s suggestion

A move is a huge endeavor and the same with a full home repaint. It’s important you get it right the first time. You don’t want to regret your colour or contractor choice!

Talk to a Colour Consultant

A consultant or designer’s job is to get to know your style and personality to recommend the right colours and style for your different spaces. Through Fresh Paint, we can offer you free and professional colour consultants to select your perfect colours.


We still suggest painting before moving in. You can always add accent walls or repaint just certain areas once you’re settled in. You’ll save money and stress by getting it done before you or your stuff move into the space.

Selecting the right contractor

Make sure that the painters you select are professionals that have the crew size necessary to get the project done on time and have references and reviews to back up their quality.

We can provide a contactless painting proposal from just your real estate listing. Our price and quality are guaranteed and we have the results to prove it! Get in touch to get your virtual estimate scheduled.

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