Three Simple Tricks To Love Your Home Office

The ongoing pandemic has made the home office an essential space in everyone’s home. With quarantines, and reduced time outside of your house – or at the coffee shop-  we all need a place that we can get stuff done! 

With less time out of your home, but the same amount of work hours in the week, it’s more important than ever to create a sweet spot that helps you look forward to sitting at your desk each and every day.

After addressing the ergonomics of your home office, how else can you make a space that inspires creativity, calm, and inspires you to be productive for 40 or more hours a week? 

At Fresh Paint, we’ve seen and repainted many home offices and have a couple of secrets that we’ve learned from working with colours consultants, designers, and some very productive and happy clients!

Fresh Paint’s three tips for making a home office you’ll love


Lack of natural light is one of the easiest ways to destroy your good mood and mental health. And if you’re like me, I imagine you are not very productive on a bad day

Get your desk out of the corner or closet and position it near a window. Test your desk set up at different times of the day so that you aren’t getting a glare on your screen, blinding yourself with direct light,, or sitting in awkward shadows. 

To control your light, invest in an aesthetically pleasing window covering to control the natural light but not block it out entirely. Get a quality lamp or two that you can reposition at any angle depending on the time of day and task at hand. 

Bonus Tip: Position a lamp directly over your camera centered directly on your face when you’re taking video calls to look your best! 


Lighting has the biggest impact on the aesthetic of the colours in your home. And colours, like light, affect your mood, which in turn, affects your productivity. 

Now that your lighting is figured out, take a look at the entire space: is it inviting? Is it energizing? Do you enjoy the ambiance, or is it just plain dreary? The easiest way to liven up the colour is to paint! 

Take a look at this guide to see what colour creates the feeling that would be most beneficial for your productivity.

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This can be as simple as adding a DIY accent wall or a professional full interior repaint to alter the mood of your entire home. If you are going to spend 40+ hours a day in one space, you better be surrounded by colours you love. 

Bonus tip: A full repaint is a perfect opportunity to rearrange your furniture to be optimally positioned for light and to achieve our final tip.


The pandemic has forced a lot of people to create a working space in their home whether they have a room for it or not. And with the rest of your family home more than ever as well, it can make the divide between work and home even more difficult to maintain. See below for a relatable example. 

Having a workspace that is separate from your home is very important for your mental space and productivity. If your kids or partner are at home too, creating that separation can help them understand when you are working and shouldn’t be disturbed. It can help you know when it’s time to concentrate on work too!

  • Install a divider, use shelves or tall furniture, plants, or a curtain to separate your working space from the rest of the home. This space should be used exclusively for work. Keep distractions out of your line of sight. 
  • If not possible, always work from the same place, chair and desk, it will prime your mind to know that you’re in your working mode. Some professionals even have a workspace per task or project to optimize their productive mindset! 
  • Have a conversation with your family or roommates about how you plan to work. This can help them understand what you need to be productive, when you plan to work (and not disturb you), and when you’re free to spend time with them. 
  • Create a work ritual. This might be turning on your diffuser with a specific scent, arranging your tools for the day, or just going through your “to do” list. Having a specific “sitting down to work “ ritual – even if it’s just turning on the light, can help signal your mind that you are ready to go.

Bonus tip: Get outside at least once a day. It’ll get you moving, make you appreciate your home more, and avoid cabin fever. 

Fresh Paint’s Suggestion

If you are having trouble getting in a productive mood and loving your home, find a colour consultant or interior designer that can provide recommendations on livening up your space. 

We offer complimentary colour consultations or can connect you with a professional designer and provide exclusive partner discounts. 

All the best for your productivity!