The Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

The colors that we choose for our homes say a lot about us, and usually speak to some part of who we are as individuals. Deciding on color schemes can be tough because we often take so many things into account. We ask ourselves questions like, “Will I get tired of this color?” or “What will my stuff look like in a room this color?” or even, “What will my guests think of this color?”

Though deciding on paint schemes can be a process, it doesn’t have to be torture. There are so many great options for color schemes for whatever look you’re going for. Are you thinking of a more sophisticated room? There are plenty of ideas to help you create that look in your kitchen. Or perhaps you’re thinking of a more fun, energetic and youthful kitchen, we’ve got great concepts for that too! In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best color schemes to achieve your vision for your kitchen’s unique feel.

Pale Greens and Mints

This look can be quite a bit more versatile than most of us realize. Pale greens and shades of mint pair well with kitchens that have more beachy themes as well as modern kitchens. These colors can also create a classy or vintage look. Mixing tones in this color family can also be really fun!

Different Shades of Gray

Many people think of gray tones in a kitchen as being boring, however, the opposite can be true. Grays in a kitchen don’t have to feel drab or dull, rather, they can make a kitchen feel calm and sophisticated. Grays in your kitchen can be cool or warm and will always serve as a nice undertone to your bright color pops. Gray kitchens can look great with bright orange, fuschia, or yellow accents.

Bright Orange or Yellow

Having bright orange or yellow as an accent is one thing. However, it’s bolder to feature these colors prominently and we’re loving it. Walking into a bright orange kitchen can often make one feel energized and happy. Similarly, a sunny yellow kitchen can be beautiful, refreshing, and will even help create artificial light.

Navy Blue

The people have spoken and navy blue colors schemes are all the rage right now. There is something so clean, crisp, and classy about navy blue walls. Navy is an excellent choice for your kitchen’s paint scheme. A navy kitchen can have a calming effect on us and when paired with white, will make you feel like the trendiest in the land. Don’t believe us? Check out some of the amazing navy blue color schemes that are popular right now.

Picking out colors to paint your kitchen doesn’t have to stress you out. There really are so many great choices and ideas and ways to gain some inspiration. In the end, since you are the one who has to live with it, choose something that you really love. And if you’re needing a quote for a paint contractor, contact the Vancouver professionals at Fresh Paint on Demand today!