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Looking to sell your house this fall? Here’s where to spend your money

Home Interior Painting

Whether you’re looking to put your house on the market soon, you just bought your home, or you’re simply ready to start making some changes, home updates can be extremely exciting for homeowners. You finally get the chance to have that deck installed, redo your master bathroom, or change out some old appliances. No matter… read more

10 Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew, Pt 2

Things Your Paint Contractor Wishes You Knew Pt

Welcome back to our blog series here at Fresh Paint on Demand in Vancouver. In part one, we discussed the first three concepts that your paint contractor wishes you knew. We learned that it’s so incredibly valuable to read reviews, get recommendations, and check out testimonials for any paint contractor. We also discussed the value… read more

Painting For Resale, Pt 2

BB FreshPaint Resell

We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our blogs here at Fresh Paint on Demand. Serving the Vancouver area is what we do and customer service is our biggest priority! Whether you’re needing interior or exterior painting, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get the painting quotes you need! In part one of our… read more

Painting For Resale, Pt 1

BB FreshPaint Resale

Welcome back to our blog page here at Fresh Paint on Demand! Though the weather has been colder, our Vancouver contractors are staying as busy as ever with plenty of interior paint jobs. Connecting you with the right paint contractor is what we’re passionate about, and with hundreds of satisfied customers, we’re the first to… read more

The Effects of Your Color Choices

BB FreshPaint Effects

As adults, we’re constantly bombarded with choices. What should you wear today? What should you order for lunch? Or should you sign up for that fitness membership? In addition to these simple choices, we also have to decide on more major things: what is the best insurance company? Who should I vote for? And what… read more

The Truth About The Trendiest Exterior Home Colors

One of the best things about owning your own home–besides being able to build your equity and improve your credit and all of that other boring stuff, is being able to make it your own. Especially when you’re going from being a renter, a world in which you feel like you’re throwing money away every… read more

The Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

The colors that we choose for our homes say a lot about us, and usually speak to some part of who we are as individuals. Deciding on color schemes can be tough because we often take so many things into account. We ask ourselves questions like, “Will I get tired of this color?” or “What… read more

Top 10 Best Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover, Pt 1

I’m sure that we can all remember living in dorms as young college students or renting out apartments in our 20s. If you’re a renter, there is a certain mentality that causes you to look at your lodgings as temporary… and that’s simply because they are. You tried to take care of your place, mostly… read more

Why Businesses Should Hire Painting Contractors Pt. 2

BB FreshPaint Pt

Trust Your Needs to the Best   Hello, dear reader, and welcome back to our blog! At Fresh Paint, we want to help you find a painting contractor for your next job. When you visit our website, you will be able to get a free quote on your paint job and, what’s more, you’ll be… read more

Why Businesses Should Hire Painting Contractors

BB FreshPaint Pt

Professional Work For a Professional Space   Hello, and welcome back to the Fresh Paint blog. As you have probably already determined, we here at Fresh Paint are dedicated to making sure that as many Vancouver area residents are able to get in touch with local painting contractors so that they are able to have… read more