Commercial Painting Benefits For Your Business Pt. 2

Help Your Business Look its best


Hello, and welcome back to the Fresh Paint blog! Here at Fresh Paint, we strive to put painting contractors and individuals who need paint jobs done in touch with each other so that the process of hiring a professional painter is as streamlined as possible. Many of the painting contractors that we work with specialize in commercial painting and, in our previous post, we went over some of the ways that making sure your business’ paint job is of professional quality can help to increase the appeal of your business for customers. In today’s post, we are going to pick up where we left off last time and continue to cover some of the reasons that you should make sure your business’s paint job is done by a professional. Keep reading below to learn more.

What do You Want Your Business to Convey?


What is it that you want your business’s building to say? Do you want it to convey a sense of power? How about a place that people can come into, relax, and spend a few hours browsing your selection of goods? Whatever you want your business to say, paint is one of the best ways to affect the way that the general populace views your place of business. Below, we have listed a few more ways that paint can affect the way that people view your place of business.



  • Vibe: While it might be easy to confuse mood with vibe, they are two distinctly different things. The vibe of your business has to do with the general ambiance of the space. Do you want your business to be inviting, with plenty of dark colors and comfy places to sit? Or, do you want your business to seem as professional as possible, with cooler colors and a more business like setting? Whatever you decide, the interior paint of your business is going to go a long way in affecting the vibe that people feel when they enter your establishment.
  • Professionalism: No matter what color of paint you choose for your business, the most important thing is to make sure that it looks professional. Sloppy line work, uneven paint distribution, and peeling paint can all affect the level of professionalism that your business conveys to an outside observer and, if you let your paint degrade enough, people may even assume that your business isn’t even open. It’s a known fact that people tend to enter decrepit looking businesses at a much smaller rate than businesses that look clean, professional, and inviting.



We hope that this short blog series has shown just how important it is to make sure that your business’s paint job is up to snuff. If you are worried that your building’s paint job is not conveying the message that you want it to, contact us today at Fresh Paint and lets us help you find a commercial painter in the Vancouver area that can meet your needs. We will work with you to find a painting contractor to best fit your needs and we are certain that we can find someone to help with any job that you may have.