The Truth About The Trendiest Exterior Home Colors

One of the best things about owning your own home–besides being able to build your equity and improve your credit and all of that other boring stuff, is being able to make it your own. Especially when you’re going from being a renter, a world in which you feel like you’re throwing money away every single month, and you can’t hang a picture without your landlord’s approval, to being an owner: a world in which you get to build up your equity every single month and hang that picture wherever the heck you want.

There is, perhaps, no greater joy than that of walking into your home—the home that you not only bought but have also painstakingly added your personality and unique style to. Home ownership is an exciting world to live it. With all of the fun ways to update, modernize, and improve your home, it’s truly better than ever, and what better way to make your home unique than with a fresh coat of paint?

Though the painting trends may differ over the years, the desire to freshen up the curb appeal of a house has only increased in recent years and it won’t be changing anytime soon. Whether you’re planning on putting your home on the market in the coming months, or your house simply needs a makeover, painting the outside of your house is a great way to give your home a revamp. In this blog, we’re going to discuss some of the facts regarding the biggest house painting trends.

Cream and White

Many of the colors and color combinations that are popular today are an allusion to a past era and cream with white trim is surely no different. There is something so clean, classy, and elegant about these colors together and they are definitely popular for a reason.

  • Possible Drawback
    Without much color contrast, these two similar colors could potentially make your house feel boring. Consider jazzing up your color scheme with the addition of an accent door or brightly-colored front porch decor.

Aqua and White

Before you press the back button in sheer protest, let us explain. Though it is a very bright color, an aqua house with white trim can have enormous curb appeal. This color is popular in many avenues of home decor and is a favorite if you want your home to stand out and feel unique.

  • Possible Drawback
    As you might have guessed, the biggest drawback to having an aqua house is that you have an aqua house… Specifically, what we mean is that a house of this bright color might start to fade in just a few short years and might look outdated before that. So, think hard before you decide on aqua because we love it, but you might not love it forever.

Cool Green and Butter Yellow

This color combination reminds us of a cute little rustic beach house. The muted colors work so well together and really bring out the best in each other. Because of the earthy feel these combinations have, your house could easily bring about feelings of peace and serenity in your guests.

  • Possible Drawbacks
    As with the color aqua, this green and yellow working together look and feel good right now, but what happens when the trend is past and you’re stuck with an outdated feeling home. Additionally, if your house isn’t the right style for this color combination, the muted tones could be misunderstood and simply make your place look drab.

Taupe, Beige, Brown, and Deep Red

This is such a classic choice for a color scheme for your home. These earthy colors work together to bring a hominess and comfort to your dwelling by not being overpowering or competing for attention. With the right balance, these colors will absolutely bring out the best in each other. Pair these browns and creams with a deep red door and your home will be the kind of place that takes people’s breath away.

  • Possible Drawbacks
    Though we can’t think of many drawbacks to this delightful color combination, it is worth noting that there is potentially a lot going on with all of these colors on the same house. So, again, having a good balance of colors is important, additionally, having a professional give you their best opinion might help you make some tough choices.

Lighthouse Red and Crisp White

This is one of our favorite color combinations. There is something so warm, welcoming, and attractive about the look of deep red on a house. Contrast that with the clean, white trim and you have a match made in heaven. This color combo is perfect for houses that want to stand out and feel unique.

  • Possible Drawbacks
    Though we adore red houses, there are, of course, things to consider before you really dive in with the red paint. Red, being a deep, vibrant, and strong color will fade sooner than any of the lighter colors. Additionally, because darker colors absorb more heat, this dark color will definitely get warmer than others.

Painting your home can be the most exciting thing that your house encounters all year! It can give your home the revamp and makeover that it may be desperately needing in addition to standing out among your neighbors. Just make sure that you consider your colors very carefully before you hire your painters.

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