Painting For Resale, Pt 2

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In part one of our blog series, we discussed the value of a fresh coat of paint and the importance of choosing colors that make sense for resale. Painting your walls can breathe fresh life into your home whether you’re trying to cover up fading walls, nicks or scrapes, or outdated shades. In today’s blog, we’ll look at a few more inspiring paint ideas to help you get your home sold quickly and for a price that you’re happy with. Continue reading below to learn more.

Avoid Bold Colors

When you’re brainstorming colors, searching the internet for design ideas, and checking swatches at the paint store, sometimes you just need a little bit of guidance. The truth is, sometimes a bold and trendy color can look amazing on a swatch, or even in a google image, but once you get it on your walls, you might have immediate regrets. When you’re having your home painted for the purpose of resale, it’s smartest to avoid the bold and over-trendy colors. Your bold color choices might only appeal to a small handful of people and not many people want to purchase a home knowing that they’ll have to immediately paint.

  • Solutions: Though there are some beautiful colors that are incredibly popular at the moment, it might be smartest to avoid those boldest, darkest, and trendiest colors because your choices won’t appeal to everyone, and you run the risk of losing a buyer. Steer clear of navy blue, aqua, or lavender walls and save those colors for your new home shades.

Neutrals are Best

As we’ve alluded to above, the smartest color choices are the ones that are neutral. Neutral tones are the best shades when your goal is the quick and lucrative sale of your home. Buyers are most comfortable and pleased by neutral tones for multiple reasons: they can see more versatility and potential for their desires to decorate and match their furniture, and studies show that people feel more emotionally safe, secure, and comfortable around neutral tones. If you’re wanting your home to be sold, make sure that everyone who looks at it is comfortable in it.

  • Solutions: Especially if you currently have bold and trendy colors in your home, decide on a nice, light, neutral color that will appeal to the most potential buyers as possible. Gray tends to be a modern and gorgeous color and especially if it’s not too dark, people will be able to envision their belongings in your home. Make sure you communicate your color choices with your paint contractor.

What Light Colors Can Do

What is one of the most prominent things that buyers are looking for when they’re shopping for new homes? Among other things, many potential buyers want large, open spaces and rooms that don’t make them feel claustrophobic. Most homeowners don’t realize that certain shades of paint can actually make your home feel bigger. When you choose dark colors and tones to be featured in your home, the dark shades can actually make your rooms feel small and closed off. Lighter colors make spaces feel bigger because of their light-reflecting abilities.

  • Solutions: Choose to paint your walls colors that are lighter so that you make the most of your space. Feel free to include our other tips but make sure that your shades are light enough that your rooms feel as large as possible.

There are so many things to think about when you’re wanting to put your home on the market. You’re talking to realtors, you’re making updates, and you may even be searching for your next home. Painting doesn’t have to be a stressful process; just follow our tips and reach out to Fresh Paint on Demand to find the perfect contractor for you.

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