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10 Reasons to Hire Professional Painters

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Whether you’ve owned your home for years, or you’ve just moved in, there are plenty of ways to spruce up your living space. Updating the look of your home could mean getting new furniture; some people opt for new fixtures and lighting for a quick refresh. Maybe you’re thinking that the best way to update… read more

The Truth About The Trendiest Exterior Home Colors

One of the best things about owning your own home–besides being able to build your equity and improve your credit and all of that other boring stuff, is being able to make it your own. Especially when you’re going from being a renter, a world in which you feel like you’re throwing money away every… read more

The Psychology of Color In Your Home, Pt 2

Welcome back to our blog series! In part one, we discussed some of the effects that certain colors can have, specifically, white, brown, and red. Choosing these colors in your home can be great, but it’s also important to think about any messages that you may be sending or emotions that you may be accidentally… read more

The Best Colors to Paint Your Kitchen

The colors that we choose for our homes say a lot about us, and usually speak to some part of who we are as individuals. Deciding on color schemes can be tough because we often take so many things into account. We ask ourselves questions like, “Will I get tired of this color?” or “What… read more

4 Ways That Fresh Paint Can Revamp Your Space

Ways That Fresh Paint Can Revamp Your Space

We’ve probably all gotten to the point of boredom with our decor. Maybe you’ve been looking at the same baby blue kitchen wall for a decade and it’s never really grown on you. Or perhaps you spend your mornings getting ready for the day in a bright pink bathroom. You didn’t choose those colors, but… read more

The Importance of Quality Paint

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Paint Quality is Important   Hello there, and welcome back to our blog! Here at Fresh Paint, we have made it our mission, as a business, to help people in the Vancouver area find the best residential and commercial painting contractors possible. Pairing our clients with vetted painting contractors is our main focus, however, this… read more

Top 10 Best Ways to Give Your Home a Makeover, Pt 1

I’m sure that we can all remember living in dorms as young college students or renting out apartments in our 20s. If you’re a renter, there is a certain mentality that causes you to look at your lodgings as temporary… and that’s simply because they are. You tried to take care of your place, mostly… read more

Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor Pt. 2

Be Aware of Who You Hire   Hiring a professional to help you with a job, no matter what that job may be, is a process. You have to make sure that they are able to provide the services that you need, can work around your schedule, and, most importantly, offer professional work at a… read more

Questions To Ask Your Painting Contractor

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Make the Right Choice When Hiring a Painting Contractor   Hello there, and welcome back to our blog! If you’ve been keeping up with our posts, you are already aware of the fact that we here at Fresh Paint work with home and business owners to help them find painting contractors in the Vancouver area… read more

Why You Should Choose Us

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Why Should You Choose Our Service?   Hello there, and welcome back to the Fresh Paint blog! One of the most common questions that potential clients have in regard to our services is why they should even come to us for a painting contractor quote. Why would they pay an intermediary company to handle something… read more